The Best and Top React-based Themes of 2024

React framework stands out amongst others due to its numerous advantages in this fast-paced development era. It is an amazing framework with interactive user interfaces and features to accelerate the development process. In addition to these, React ready-made templates provide substantial benefits and further speed up the development process. Let’s explore 10 exceptional React templates, all with unique and distinct features, with amazing qualities like a data-rich dashboard, admin panel, and other interesting features that may align perfectly with user requirements.

1. Gogo – The Admin Template: A Multi-Feature Powerhouse for Flexibility and User Engagement
Gogo is famous for its multiple features and adaptability, alongside a broad collection of layouts and UI components that meet various user requirements. The template is flexible and user friendly. It empowers user to seamlessly create applications that can adopt to multiple use cases and ease user interaction.
2. Endless – The Admin Template: A Canvas for Complex and Feature-Dense Applications
The template offers a variety of personalization options. It allows you to create intricate and multi-feature applications. Endless assures you deliver your project with exceptional quality and user friendliness.
3. Litho – The Multi-purpose Template
A powerful and multi-purpose template with minimal and modern design concepts. Litho is based on React Router, Bootstrap 5, Tailwind CSS, Framer Motion, Google Web Fonts, Instagram Feeds, and has e-commerce ready demos. The template is optimized for fast processing, written with a well-structured code, and well-documented technical documentation. It is best recommended for use by start-ups, design studios, cafe’s, hotels, restaurants, and other architecture related businesses.
4. Trydo – React Agency and Portfolio Template
Trydo is a React Portfolio template. The template is based on pure JavaScript, and comes with a modern user interface and fast loading template design. It is a multi-purpose cooperate template offering a variety of services. Moreover, Trydo is a well documented, easy-to-use, and easily customizable template
5. Indigo Modern NextJS Theme with Tailwind CSS
Indigo is a responsive template made in React, NextJS, and Taiwind CSS. It allows you to focus vital parts of your application, offering a consistent coding style. Indigo allows you to create beautiful and professional landing pages easily with reusable React components. It consists of:
  • 10+ Design Blocks made in React and Tailwind
  • 17+ React Components with Tailwind
  • Source code and technical documentation to further ease you to customize the theme to meet your specific needs.
6. Facit React – The Admin Template (Create React App, Vite or NextJs)
Facit is a React based Admin Dashboard made using React 17 & 18 and Bootstrap. It supports all admin dashboard features like validations and creating charts. The React layout and components are easily customizable using the Bootstrap API. Moreover it includes:
  • daily, weekly, monthly formatted calendars
  • List, grid and one-page project samples.
7. Elstar – React Admin Tailwind Template (React 18)
Elstar is a complete React admin template that comes with developer friendly experience and is
highly scalable. It has a complete set of UI components created with Tailwind CSS. The template allows you to create beautiful user interfaces and update your layout and application functions in minimal time. It even supports dark theme, multiple locales and RTL languages. Moreover it includes:
  • Application configuration and authentication features
  • Routing configuration pages
  • Reusable components
    8. Multikart – React Next JS Multipurpose Ecommerce, React Hooks , GraphQL
    A multipurpose a-commerce React template designed to help users create e-commerce websites like online store for bags, mobiles, accessories, clothes, or shoes. It is based on React and Bootstrap, and allows users to create a wide range of websites easily.
    9. PickBazar – React Ecommerce Template with React Hooks, Next JS, GraphQL & REST API
    PickBazar provides dynamic e-commerce React based templates. You can easily create your online store with an exceptional shopping experience using PickBazar’s multi-vendor templates, supporting Bakery, Makeup, Grocery, Cloth, Books, Accessories, and many other online shopping experiences. PickBazar is based on React Hooks, NextJS, GraphQL, and REST API, providing an unparallel, and super-fast e-commerce template. In addition, it provides:
    • REST API Integration ~ helpful for users with a ready backend, and remote data fetching.
    • Multi-language support.
    • Well-documented technical guidance
    10. Chester – React Personal Portfolio Template + React hooks
    A React and Bootstrap 4 based portfolio website template, specific for developers, and designers creating their personal portfolio website. Chester is a fully component based template, that can be easily maintained. It provides creative and beautiful layouts, and many reusable React components. The template is lightweight and fast. In addition, it also includes powerful features like:
    • Smooth transition effects
    • floating menu for mobile devices
    • feather icons
    • customized sliders
    • Well-documented technical guidance

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