How to Differentiate between an Array and an Array of Objects JavaScript?

A simple array will hold elements of different data types. However an object array will contain elements of the object data type. Here the object can be a students list, cars, suppliers list and so. An object array will have properties of the objects it is holding. Therefore, this makes an object array complex to read and manipulate as compared to a simple array.

The syntax of a simple array is as shown below.

['a', 'b', 'c'];

The syntax of an object array is as shown below.

[{a}, {b}, {c}];

The table below lists the differences between the two.

Differences between Array and an Array of Objects

ArrayObject Array
Arrays are best to use when elements are numerals.Object arrays are best to use when the elements are multiple strings.
The data inside an array is referred to as Elements.The data inside objects are referred to as Properties that have a key and a value.
The elements are manipulated using [].  The properties can be manipulated using either the .DOT notation or [].
An element can be removed or popped out of an array using the pop() function.A property or key can be removed deleted by using the delete keyword.
We can iterate through an array using For loop,, For..of, and ForEach() methods.We can iterate through an array of objects using, For..of, and ForEach() methods.

Firstly, you may refer the elements inside both with different names, i.e. properties for array objects. Secondly, the array functions used on both may vary. For example, the deletion one as shown above. Most importantly, you can refer to an object array with the Dot notation. In addition, when using the [] notation, you should mention it as: books[‘serial_number’]. To conclude, these important points will help you understand if you are working with an array object array. Moreover, guide will help you use the right operations on each array types.