What is the different between Yarn vs Npm in JavaScript?

Both YARN and NPM are package manager tools. We can use them to install dependencies /packages.

NPM stands for (Node package manager).

YARN stands for (Yet another resource negotiator)

Dependencies Management

It uses the yarn add command to install dependenciesIt uses the npm install command to install dependencies
It will install dependencies in parallelIt will install dependencies sequentially (one by one)
The version lock file is known as yarn.lockThe version lock file is known as package-lock.json
It supports the Plug’n’Play featureIt doesn’t support any such feature

Performance & speed

It is faster when installing large files. It supports offline features where you can install dependenciesIt is slower when installing large files. It doesn’t support such a feature


While we download packages, it will run a security check in the background, and make use of the package license information. This avoids downloading dangerous scripts or creating dependency issuesIn early versions of NPM, security has been a major concern. Since version 6, every time you install a package, NPM does a security audit to avoid vulnerabilities and assures that no dependencies are incompatible
It will verify packages using checksumIt will verify using the SHA-512 stored in the package-lock.json file