How to implement Livewire Volt Functional API with Laravel Breeze

We can use Laravel’s Livewire + Volt functional stack for Breeze. This helps increase Breeze offering to six stack variations. These offer a great amount of freedom to stacks that emerge from the Laravel ecosystem.

  • Laravel Blade
  • Livewire with Volt Class API
  • Livewire with Volt Functional API
  • Inertia (React)
  • Inertia (Vue)
  • API-only

Start a New Project

To install Breeze + Volt functional API when you create a new Laravel project, in one go, you can write the following command.

laravel new --pest --breeze --git --dark \  --stack=livewire-functional \  breeze-functional-demo

Note: While writing the command, the installer does not support livewire-functional until you need a dev-master. Similarly, you can wait for the installer to get a release, or run yourself.

# Normal update once the release is created
composer global update laravel/installer -W
# For the impatient
composer global require laravel/installer:dev-master -W

You can also use the sequence of commands below to install Laravel breeze.

laravel new example-project
cd example-project
composer require laravel/breeze
php artisan breeze:install

Next, follow the prompts to select a stack, this includes dark mode support, and picking the test suite (Pest or PHPUnit):

Learn More

To get started with Laravel Volt, Jason Beggs has written a detailed tutorial on Laravel News to Learn Livewire 3m Volt, and Folio by creating a podcast player.

You may also check Volt Livewire Documentation for more details.

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